Warrant Officer of the Navy Welcome

Warrant Officer of the Navy Warrant Officer of the Navy

Welcome to the Royal Australian Navy Indo Pacific Sailors’ Forum 2022, held in conjunction with the biennial Indo Pacific 2022 International Maritime Exposition.

Indo Pacific 2022 involves ten interrelated events:

  1. Sea Power Conference 2022;
  2. Indo Pacific 2022 International Maritime Exposition;
  3. King-Hall History Conference 2022;
  4. The Sailors’ Forum 2022;
  5. Pacific Maritime Security Partnership Event;
  6. Indian Ocean Forum;
  7. Southwest Pacific Maritime Forum;
  8. The inaugural Maritime Research Working Group;
  9. The 80th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea commemorative event; and
  10. International Maritime Conference 2022.

Collectively the conferences and exposition offer an engaging and thought-provoking program for those with a personal and professional interest in naval and maritime affairs.

In 2022, the Sailors’ Forum theme is ‘Friendship, Partnership and Leadership.’ Join senior enlisted personnel from Indo Pacific navies as they explore the Forum’s theme and discuss ways of making leadership more of a partnership in the navy of the future. In addition, senior Royal Australian Navy Warrant Officers will provide insights into their areas of expertise and will make sure there will be ample opportunity ask questions and be involved panel discussions.

The forum’s program will enable all delegates to visit and engage the many industry displays in the Indo Pacific 2022 International Maritime Exposition, allowing yet more opportunities for education and professional discussions.

I look forward to welcoming delegates to the Sailors’ Forum.

Deb Butterworth, OAM, CSM and Bar
Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer of the Navy