Enhancing Indo-Pacific Maritime Awareness with Space-based RF Detection and Machine Learning

Wednesday 8 November
1330 – 1430
This event is open to all Indo Pacific 2023 trade visitors, exhibitors and conference delegates. Register here.
Room E3.10, Exhibition Level 3, International Convention Centre Sydney

Examine how HawkEye 360's maritime domain capabilities support the Indo-Pacific Maritime Domain Awareness (IPMDA) program by detecting Dark Ship activity through RF data analysis. We will emphasize the ongoing development of new analytics using graph data science, machine learning techniques, and our own unclassified commercial RF data, illustrating the practical impact of our RF analytics on maritime domain awareness.  Notable examples include our initiatives in dark vessel monitoring and IUU fishing detection, backed by real-world cases in collaboration with partner organizations in the Indo-Pacific.

We will also dig deeper into HawkEye 360's latest Unique Signal Recognition Vessel Tracking (UVT) technology, enabling vessel identification by analyzing unique signal characteristics, even in the absence of AIS. This breakthrough is made possible through our industry-leading use of machine learning techniques and our own extensive RF data history, combined with expert processing methods and rigorous validation procedures. UVT will significantly enhance our contribution to maritime domain awareness and enables future analytics to include dark vessel monitoring and advanced spoofing detection, including changes in MMSIs. Join us for a professional and insightful exploration of these impactful contributions to the maritime domain.


James G. McAden

Senior Director, Asia Pacific Sales
HawkEye 360

Jamie is an accomplished national security professional with extensive experience in defense and international relations. Currently serving as the Senior Director of Asia-Pacific Sales at HawkEye 360 since September 2020, he previously served as U.S. Army Foreign Area Officer for the Indo-Pacific region, retiring in 2020 at the rank of Colonel.  He previously held various significant roles within the United States Department of Defense, including Senior Defense Official/Defense Attache at multiple U.S. Embassy locations in the Indo-Pacific.   During his military career, Jamie held key leadership and staff positions with the Defense Intelligence Agency, INDOPACIFIC Command, and with the  Special Operations Joint Task Force in Afghanistan.   His educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Davidson College and a Master of Arts degree in Asian Studies from The Johns Hopkins University.

Evan Accardi

Senior MDA Analyst
HawkEye 360

Evan Accardi is a skilled professional whose career has been dedicated to commercial remote sensing and data analysis. He joined HawkEye 360 in 2020, starting as an Insights Analyst and subsequently advancing to Senior MDA Analyst. In his current role, Evan excels in the analysis of RF data alongside other commercial maritime data sources, with a primary focus on the South China Sea. His responsibilities include overseeing analysts producing impactful MDA work on some of HawkEye 360’s largest international contracts, identifying dark vessels and detecting suspicious maritime activities, which support efforts against illegal fishing, smuggling, and sanctions evasion. Prior to his tenure at HawkEye 360, Evan gained valuable experience working with Johns Hopkins University SAIS in Europe as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in American Foreign Policy and Research Assistant at the Bologna Institute for Policy Research (BIPR). He graduated from SAIS in 2018 with an MA in Middle East studies and International Economics. Evan's career trajectory reflects his love for technology and desire to apply it to solving thorny global issues.

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