For over 20 years AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE BUSINESS REVIEW – ADBR – has been a trusted and independent source of information and intelligence about the development of Australian Defence and Aerospace capability.

With a focus on multi-domain operations, every edition delivers long form features, independent content, and analysis of the most operationally relevant topics in the Indo-Pacific region.    

ADBR magazine is printed and published bi-monthly in Australia. It is focused on the creation of original content, providing a rich source of market intelligence, archived news and features dating back over a decade.

ADBR content includes regular Aerospace technology features, open source intelligence (OSINT), and Space capability analysis by trained, qualified, experienced and credible contributors.

Australian Defence Magazine

AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE MAGAZINE (ADM) is dedicated to reporting the business of defence capability planning and procurement as well as reporting the development of infrastructure to support the Australian Defence Force.

ADM's main objective is to provide an essential communications bridge between defence industry and its single source customer, the Department of Defence.

ADM also reports on the budgetary process, the policy development, the capability planning process and the procurement decisions which together provide the equipment and resources for Australia’s defence force.


ASIA-PACIFIC DEFENCE REPORTER (APDR) is Australia’s longest established defence magazine now in its 46th year. APDR is a leading authority in defence reporting in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region and provides timely information and analysis relevant to current and future Australian and regional defence.

With its comprehensive coverage of the Asia-Pacific military balance, current and future ADF acquisition programmes, new military technologies and warfighting material, APDR provides critical marketplace information, essential to defence professionals, and their international partners.


AMR Armada International

Asian Military Review
Since 1993, AMR has become widely recognised as an authoritative provider of unbiased and objective information to its global readership comprising the military, government, industry and academia. The editorial content includes capability analysis, special reports and relevant news coverage from the region, making it the preferred professional journal for of those working in Asian military and defence organisations.


Armada has been the trusted source of defence technology analysis since 1976. We publish original, objective information about defence technologies and procurement programmes for decision makers and influencers in militaries, governments, and industry around the world. Its dedication to in-depth and authoritative analysis has made Armada International a trusted and authoritative source for impartial defence analysis around the world.



DEFENCE TECHNOLOGY REVIEW is the Indo-Pacific’s premier digital defence publication.

A cornerstone of DTR is our role in providing defence professionals and key decision makers with the breadth of news they want, in the analytical depth they need, covering the latest developments in defence technology, capability development and leading-edge innovation from around the world, with particular emphasis on the capability acquisition programs of the Australian Defence Force.


Line of Defence

Line of Defence Magazine is New Zealand’s leading defence and national security sector publication. With 23 quarterly issues of Line of Defence published in both print and online at since 2016, the magazine has a well-earned reputation for quality, timely, analytical articles and interviews contributed by some of Aotearoa New Zealand’s leading political, academic, government, military, and business figures.

Line of Defence

Manufacturers’ Monthly

Manufacturers' Monthly is Australia’s most trusted news source that covers manufacturing across a range of industries, including a large focus on the defence and maritime manufacturing space.

For over 60 years, Manufacturers’ Monthly has led and informed Australian manufacturers with its highly credible editorial environment and acclaimed analysis of issues affecting manufacturing industries and has a readership of more than 20,000.

To keep up-to-date with critical defence and maritime manufacturing news, subscribe to the Manufacturers’ Monthly eNewsletter and magazine.

Manufacturers’ Monthly

Naval News

NAVAL NEWS is fully focused on naval topics. We report on the latest naval technology from all over the world. We also cover naval defense shows & events globally. is updated daily with in-depth features, industry and naval forces news round-ups, event coverage, video reports and more. Our top of the line site is responsive across all mobile and desktop devices.

Make sure to reach out to us ahead of INDO PACIFIC 2022 to share your stories and press releases.

Naval News