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You are invited to attend the IMC 2022 International Maritime Conference to be held at the International Convention Centre Sydney from 10 to 12 May 2022.

The conference organised by The Royal Institution of Naval Architects, The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology and Engineers Australia will allow delegates to be involved in discussions concerning the latest developments in marine engineering and maritime technology; both in the areas of defence and commercial shipping.

The conference will coincide with the prestigious Royal Australian Navy Sea Power Conference and the INDO PACIFIC 2022 International Maritime Exposition which is organised by AMDA Foundation Limited.

Collectively, the conference and exposition will offer a rewarding program for all those with a professional interest in maritime affairs. The conference program will be designed to permit all delegates to visit the many industry displays in the exposition itself, and to conduct informal professional discussions with exhibitors and fellow delegates. Registration for the International Maritime Conference includes free access to the exposition.

  • Commercial Ship Technology
  • Naval Ship Technology
  • Submarine Technology
  • Autonomous Vehicle Technology
  • Shipbuilding and Sustainment
  • Maritime Safety
  • Maritime Environment Protection
  • Maritime Cyber Security

For further information regarding the IMC 2022 International Maritime Conference
contact the Conference Secretariat at:

IMC 2022 International Maritime Conference Secretariat
PO Box 4095
Geelong VIC AUSTRALIA 3220